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A plate conveyor was manufactured for Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant JSC.

   cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ PJSC "Dnipropolimermash" has mastered the production of a horizontal plate conveyor intended for stationary work and intended for moderate climate and service conditions transportation of bulk material (slag), 0..500 mm in size, from the slag overpass to the SMD-111 crusher. The conveyor consists of a running part, the carrying body of which is a floor consisting of buckets connected to each other by a sleeve-roller chain. Buckets have a pair of roller supports on roller bearings that move along rails (guide). The undercarriage receives forward movement from the drive (reducer with an electric motor) through a drive shaft with sprockets. Constant chain tension is provided by a screw tensioner. All rotating parts of the conveyor are enclosed by a fence and interlocked with the electric motor. A cable lock is installed along the conveyor line, which ensures that the electric motor is turned off in the event of an emergency. Catchers are installed on the track of the inclined conveyor to prevent the loaded web from reversing.

      The principle of operation of the conveyor is as follows: loose material (slag) moves through the loading station to the loading pipe unloading places of the drive station, where it is poured from the buckets.

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