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The plant has the following metal-cutting equipment:


1. A carousel group of machines (1512, 1516.1516F3, 1525, 1L532, 1540F3, 1550) with a machining diameter of up to 5000 mm, the maximum turning length is 2800 mm. PUMA VTS1620MCHPU, equipped with copy machines and Turning-and-rotary machines, the maximum processing diameter of 2000 mm, the maximum turning length - 960 mm.

2. The turning group of machines (16K20, 16K20F3, 163, 16M30F3, 1A64, 165.1658), with a machining diameter of up to 1000 mm, a machining length of up to 8000 mm.

CNC machines DOOSAN Puma 480XLM (400LM, 240MB, 240MSB, 220LM), Takisawa EX-510 (EX-310)), with machining diameter up to 650mm, machining length up to 3065mm.

3. Lobotokarnye machines (1M692F3, 1M692F3HIDE, 1N692S, 1A693F3) with a processing diameter of up to 3000 mm.

4. The milling group of machines (VF-1P, 65A80, LR 266, 6310, 6P13, 6P83) length of parts up to 3000mm, width (diameter) up to 650mm.

Coburg: part length up to 8000mm, width up to 2000mm, height up to 2000mm.

DOOSAN DCM 2760W .: part length up to 6000mm, width up to 3200mm, height up to 2100mm.

DOOSAN DNM 650: part length up to 1300mm, width up to 670mm, height up to 625mm.

DOOSAN DNM 550: part length up to 1200mm, width up to 540mm, height up to 510mm.

5. The boring group of machines (65F60F11, 2A620, 2A636, 6620, UV0701, UV701, 6M610F1, 6A59) the length of the parts is up to 3000 mm, width (diameter) up to 650 mm.

DOOSAN DBC 130L are equipped with a rotary table with dimensions of 2000x2200 mm. The maximum diameter of the workpiece is 4950 mm.

DOOSAN DBC 110S is equipped with a turntable with dimensions of 1400x1800 mm. The maximum diameter of the workpiece is 3000 mm.

PRAGMA. equipped with a rotary table 1100x1100 mm. Maximum dimensions of the workpiece: 1200x2000x3000 mm.

6. Circular grinding machines with a workpiece diameter of up to 560mm, length up to 4000mm.

7. Surface grinding machines: detail width up to 600mm, height up to 500mm, length up to 2000mm.

8. Gear cutting machines:

Shafts - diameter up to 500mm, length up to 2500mm, module up to 20;

Wheels. Crowns - part diameter 2000mm, height 560mm, module up to 20;

Tooth cutting according to the program on CNC machines:

Shafts - detail diameter up to 650mm, length up to 2800mm, module up to 80;

Wheels. Crowns - part diameter 5000mm, height 800mm, module up to 80;

9. Cutting metal (guillotine shears up to 25 mm; band saws “cutting rolled in a bag and forgings up to 500x500 mm”; gas-plasma cutting machines with CNC (gas - up to 340 mm thick) and (plasma - up to 25 mm thick)).

10. It is flexible sheet metal on rollers up to 100 mm thick; it is flexible on a profile bending machine to channel No. 14.

11. Press crank and hydraulic forces up to 400 tons.

12. Welding in carbon dioxide and under a layer of flux allows you to cook vessels operating under pressure, and any spatial metal structures.

13. Heat treatment section: we are able to conduct hardening, annealing, normalization and cementation in a solid carburetor.

• For annealing of welded structures, the SDO 20.40.15 / 10 furnace (length 3800 mm., Width 2100 mm, height 1500 mm, weight of the charge 10000 kg.)

• For heat treatment of parts of the furnace СШО 6.30 / 10 (length 3000 mm, diameter 1600 mm, weight of the charge 2000 kg.)

• Installation of TVCh GMKIA 200 AB (length 2700mm, diameter 1200 mm, weight of the charge 500kg.

14. The spray booth has two separate compartments with the possibility of combining:

first compartment: length - 4160 mm, width - 5000 mm, height - 4200 mm.

second compartment: length - 6180 mm, width - 5000 mm, height - 4200 mm.

The module provides operations of the process of painting (at a temperature of not less than 12 0С and not more than 30 0С) and drying (at a temperature of not more than 80 0С) of products and relative humidity of not more than 80%. products and relative humidity not more than 80%. The temperature regime in the working areas of the module compartments is maintained automatically.

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