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Possibilities of tooth cutting

Gears are the most common type of gears in modern mechanical engineering and instrument engineering. They are used to transmit power from fractions (quartz wristwatch mechanism) to tens of thousands of kilowatts (large ball mills, crushers, firing furnaces) at peripheral speeds up to 150 m/s and gear ratios up to several hundreds and even thousands, with wheel diameters from a fraction millimeters up to 6000 mm and more.

Gears are cylindrical with external engagement (oblique, straight or chevron); rail, cylindrical with internal engagement; helical, conical.

To date, PJSC "Dnipropolimermash" has mastered the production and production of the above-mentioned gears on gears and crowns with a diameter of up to 5000 mm, a height of up to 800 mm and a tooth module of up to 60, and gear shafts with a length of up to 3200 mm, a barrel diameter of up to 600 mm and a tooth module of up to 80. This it became possible after the purchase of CNC machining centers such as Doosan DBC130L and PRAGMA, tooth cutting is performed according to the program excluding the human factor and allows to achieve tooth cleanliness with under-cutter Ra 3.2.

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